Started working on a new version of FanTiles

Early 2013 I built and released an app to the Windows 8 Store called FanTiles. It fetches follower counts from your social media accounts and displays them on the Windows start screen as “live tiles”. The data updates at set intervals, allowing you to keep on top of the number of followers at all times. A live tile would look something like this, and rotate between your accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram):


And the actual app was just a configuration screen for the live tile:


For the next version I want to improve the experience inside the app. The live tile works just fine as it is, but the in-app experience needs to be more than just a configuration screen. It should be both a configuration screen and a nice-looking overview of all the added accounts (with updated data). This is what I got after playing around for a couple of hours:

FanTiles 2 sketch

Each added social account is represented by a card. The card’s background is the profile color of the social account (light blue for Twitter, red for Pinterest etc.), to easily find the right account from a distance. Each card will display the follower count at the top, a note about when it was last updated and a clickable link to the actual service. Clicking the link will open the service in a split-screen browser window.

Well, that’s what I have so far…

Here’s a link to the JSBin for the cards that I played around with. I’m trying to do as much as possible using CSS only, leveraging among other things this great triangle trick.

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